Sunday, August 21, 2005

My cooking experience

I have been cooking for many years. And now I want to write about what I cook and eat. Slowly I will add the dishes that I cook everyday, my family's favourites and some are my own favourites. I like to experiment with food and I am going to write about that too. 
The successes and the disasters in cooking experiences. It will be a record about my own recipes. Better than any other cookery book written by someone else. Don't you agree? You are welcome to use them and please let me know what you think about them. Any variations that you make, or any other feedback.
When I got married, my husband was used to only eating a particular kind of food, whereas I liked to experiment.
' Hope we have some bananas at home. We can have them just in case' . He would say whenever I said that I was experimenting something new. But now he is enthusiastic when I say I am trying something new and offers to help me with cutting vegetables etc.
So let's get in to my kitchen.


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