Tuesday, April 15, 2008

After a Break

Yesterday I wrote a page on my vegetarian recipes site about millet and that reminded me of the Bhakri made by mom. She makes it with 'Jowar'. I love them. Especially with 'Zunka'. I make them too but not as big as she makes. It is medium sized. It is not too time consuming. And it tastes wonderful.

I like to make them but the mess it is creates is too much. The whole stove needs to be washed. So I guess the reason I don't make bhakari often is my laziness to wash the kitchen after wards.

When hubby went to Pune sometime back, I got some Bajra flour them there. I made the bhakri, applied some sesame seeds too. Just the way it is done on Bhogi day, the day before Sankranti festival. And everyone loved it. I should make it more often.

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