Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chutney Sandwich and poori too. The cats breakfast twice.

Today I made Green coconut chutney used it as a spread for making sandwiches. The chutney color was lovely with all that coriander leaves. I love fresh coriander. I am happy to cook when I hace it. Me an hubby had a good breakfast with those sandwiches.

But as they say ' Dane dane par likha hai khanewale ka nam' in Hindi, meaning(every grain has the person's name for whom it is for), came true. Sasha got up late so did not have breakfast with us. Though I had kept the bread packet on the top shelf, the cats managed to reach it. Though I had already fed them when we had breakfast, they decided they wanted some more. When I went to the kitchen, the bread slices were all scattered on the floor. Well, I fed the bread to the cats again.

When Sasha got up, first she started bawling that she wouldn't be getting Chutney Sandwiches. She quietened when she realized that she would be getting her favorite dish, Poori.

I had to make pooris for Sasha. She was of course very happy with that. So finaly everyone was happy. The cats were happy to breakfast three times. Sasha was happy to have her favorite item. I am happy that I got something to write about.

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Navya said...

yummy I want to eat it